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Love in Lockdown

Today, I talk to couples’ therapist Chloe Choi about relationships in this new world. We go behind the scenes into how stress impacts relationships, how to navigate isolation and a changing world of work, and how to thrive in your relationship for the long run.


Parenting in Changing Times

Feeling worried about how to parent effectively through change? In this conversation, child and family therapist Heather Scott shares reassurance and sage advice to help you navigate parenting, even (especially) when you feel like you aren’t getting it right. Heather is accepting new clients online,


How to Date

Dating was tough before COVID. Now, it can be even more confusing. Join Caleb Gunning and I as we talk about some of the psychological hacks to make dating more fun and more productive. You can find him online here.



Neurofeedback just might be the best-kept mental health secret out there. Neurotherapist Carly Reinkeluers joins me for a conversation about her experience with neurofeedback, how the technology works, and how to tell if you should try it. For more information on her Peterborough practice, you