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Slavica Stojimirovic

Helping professionals overcome life's challenges.

Psychotherapy Intern

— Psychotherapy Intern

First, I want to acknowledge the bravery it takes to explore whether therapy may be a path for you to create a better experience in your life. I know it can seem daunting but I ​also know ​how rewarding it can feel to commit to your well-being in this way!

I am a psychotherapy intern working with individuals and couples at Plum Mental Wellness. As a former corporate lawyer, I have a deep understanding of the ways that external pressures and demands can drown out our inner needs and lead to dissatisfaction and burnout. My work focuses on helping clients get in touch with their authentic values and needs, build up the skills to cope with external pressures, and increase capacity to navigate conflict and life changes.

Ultimately, I hope to help you act from a place of greater confidence, trust, and alignment. I pull from a variety of therapy modalities, and tailor your therapy plan to suit your needs and goals.

As a psychotherapy intern, I receive frequent supervision to ensure that I am providing the best care possible for my clients, and am also up-to-date on the most recent research and clinical literature. Because I am a pre-registered professional, I offer accessible rates and a sliding scale.

Standard Rate: $90.00 (sliding scale available)

CRPO license number: 13683