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Helping professionals overcome life's challenges.

Registered Psychotherapist


Psychotherapy with Bryn

“Life should feel good. But often, the overwhelm, anxiety and self-doubt of navigating life’s challenges (particularly in stressful times like these!) can make it hard to trust yourself, let alone enjoy life. I am here help you shift patterns so you can create a life that feels fulfilling and meaningful, in your relationships, work, and personal life.”

Starting Therapy Takes Courage…

Most people explore the idea of therapy because things aren’t hunky-dory in their lives. When that’s the case, being vulnerable with another person can seem kind of counter-intuitive.

But you know the feeling that you get when someone really gets you? When your worries, unworthiness, anger or loneliness start to fade because you’re being listened to? That’s my first goal with therapy: to discuss what you want to talk about, so we can get you where you want to go.

Then, we’ll tailor the process of therapy to fit your needs and goals, and we will use techniques that fit for you. I’ll support you to process the hang-ups and fears that are standing between you and feeling good.

It’s an investment in yourself, so you can build a rich, meaningful, and loving life. It will take some work. We’ll stretch your comfort zone a bit. But we can get you there.

Areas of Focus

At PLUM wellness centre, we focus on supporting young professionals navigate change and personal development. Our passion is helping to create a life that feels wonderful. It is a joy for us to work with people to build awesome and productive lives.

We love working with entrepreneurs, artists, professionals, athletes, students, parents of young children, and those finding a direction.

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My credentials

I hold a Master of Arts focused in psychotherapy, and have ten years of experience in the mental health field. I’m a Registered Psychotherapist and receive clinical supervision from a Psychologist to ensure that your care is great, and also to make sure that your sessions are covered by insurance.

I hold a degree in English Literature and psychology, am a former athlete, have taught yoga, and have worked as a corporate therapist.

Also, I’m a person: I’m a parent, a spouse, family member, friend. I’m dedicated to personal and professional development. I also deeply believe that joy is important, so I prioritize that. For me, that looks like hiking (all those mountains in downtown Toronto!), playing ball with my daughter, exercise (currently roller-blading and yoga), and heart-to-hearts with friends.

Working with me feels like…

…sitting down for a hot cuppa with a friend. My goal is to create a warm, secure environment in which my clients are free to grow and develop. The relationship between therapist and client is key to effective work in therapy, and so I invite honesty and openness about your needs and goals.

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Have Questions? We’re Here to Help

We offer therapy either online, in-person, or a combination of the two.

E-transfer, cash or visa.

Therapy sessions are $150, and are covered by most group or private insurance plans. You will have to contact your insurance provider, but if your insurance covers “Psychotherapist,” “Clinical Counsellor,” or “Psychologist,” you should be able to claim insurance.

Technically, 50 minutes. In reality, they sometimes go a bit longer.

We draw on my training in a variety of types of therapy to make sure that your therapy suits you and your needs. I’m grounded in and incorporate Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness-Based therapies, Systemic Dynamics, Emotionally-Focused Therapy.

It depends on the person. Some people want to do a one-off session when a big moment of life comes around, and continue on an a-la-carte basis. Others benefit from a medium-term commitment of 6-12 sessions; with others, therapy is more like going to the gym: it’s an ongoing self-maintenance plan. Together we’ll figure out what works best for you, but I find that people make the most progress when they start with 4-6 sessions on a weekly basis to start seeing shifts, and then we can plan ahead.

It may sound silly, but the biggest indicator of whether therapy will work for you is if you like and trust your therapist. So when you are looking for a therapist, trust your gut. Ask questions, shop around, ask friends who they might recommend. I’m a bit biased, but I also really think therapists should be investing in their personal and professional development: they should walk the talk.

Get in touch. If what you’re dealing with is outside of my area of focus, and I don’t think I’m the best person for you, I’ll do my best to refer you to someone who is a better fit.

Once I hear from you, we’ll schedule a 15-minute consult call where you can ask questions and I’ll make sure that I also think that I’m a good fit for your needs.