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Adapt to the demands of modern life with a modern solution: neurofeedback.  An easy and quick way to improve your mental wellness, neurofeedback helps your nervous system and body to relax.

How Can I Benefit?

Here’s what our clients use neurofeedback to help with:

What Can I Expect From A Session?

Neurofeedback isn’t as scary as the technical term makes it sound. We’ll explain everything to you; it’s our job to make you feel comfortable! You will be connected to a machine, and listen to music, while your brain does the work of training without you having to put effort in. Most people feel more relaxed and clear-minded during and after neurofeedback..

Sit Back & Relax

Enjoy sitting back in a comfortable chair with and listen to relaxing music while you meditate, read, or let your mind wander.

Train Your Brain

Sensors attached to your scalp read when your brain activity is in a range that is not optimal, & alert you by ‘disrupting’ the music that you are listening to and the visuals on your screen.

Mindful Meditation

Your brain gradually trains to avoid the sound of the disruption, allowing you to become more resilient and flexible — without effort on your part.

Ready to get started?

Our clients have found that the 30-minute sessions leave them feeling refreshed, calm, and better able to navigate life’s stressors.

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Change doesn’t have to be hard…

Most of our clients start with weekly 30-minute sessions, and notice tangible changes in their mood, focus and sleep within the first 5-10 sessions. After that, we recommend a stabilization period of another 8-10 sessions to make sure the changes ‘stick.’ We also offer neurofeedback + psychotherapy packages to help you integrate long-term.

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Have Questions? We’re Here to Help

No! For this type of neurofeedback, you do not need to have a specific diagnosis, or even a suspected diagnosis. Our clients use neurofeedback for everything from managing stress to recovering from trauma to improving focus.

We operate in a low-traffic clinic, ensuring that risk of contact with COVID-19 is low. We ask all clients to wear a mask, and sanitize their hands when entering the building, and require completion of a COVID-19 survey before each session. We disinfect all equipment with disinfectant wipes before and after each session, as well as our hands. We’re also currently wearing a mask at all times, and only remaining close enough to connect you to the system for about 45 seconds. During the session, you will be alone in the room, which helps to increase air quality.

Drink lots of water, eat lots of protein. Take it easy after a session (you probably won’t find that difficult: most people feel quite relaxed after a session!). For maximum benefit, refrain from drinking alcohol or using other drugs for 24 hours before or after a session.

With the specific kind of neurofeedback that we use, side effects occur only very rarely (which is why we have chosen it!). Occasionally, clients will feel a bit sleepy after a session, or a slight increase in symptoms during a session or for a few hours afterward. We also don’t recommend doing it several nights in a row right before bed: you may have difficulty sleeping!

The brain responds to the environment you are in all the time in what we call a “feedback loop.” It filters incoming information based on relevance to its primary objective: survival. Neurofeedback introduces a feedback loop that includes information about the actual functioning of the brain itself. When we monitor the brain’s activity and give it feedback, it starts to train towards a more balanced state, which usually means reducing many of the symptoms you have been dealing with. Think of it like the rumble-strips on the side of the highway: when you know you’ve hit the rumble-strip, you self-correct. With practice, you won’t have to hit the rumble strips before you are able to self-correct without any feedback!

You can book in for either a 30-minute session (standard), or a 45-minute session (if you need something extra).

30-minute sessions are $85+HST, 45-minute sessions are $115+HST. We are covered under most insurance plans.